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Hold On Tight – Reentry Can Be a Little Bumpy

After a gluttonous 12-day holiday bacchanal, reality arrived this morning in the form of a snowstorm and a 6:45 wake-up call.

Today the kids went back to school.

In this morning’s barely dawning light, my recently pampered and spoiled children were digging for snow boots and mittens in the horrible hall closet we sincerely meant to organize during the break.  Only hours earlier, our whole happy household had been drooling on our pillows and dreaming sweet, sweet dreams of all the fun we had while school was out. sleepinfamily-235x300

Our dreams may have included any or all of the following:

  • Seeing Catching Fire while getting an embarrassing number of refills on the buttered popcorn
  • Visiting an indoor water park and playing on the water slide for hours
  • Snowboarding at Wachusett Mountain (twice!)
  • Ice skating with old friends
  • Playing dodge ball on giant trampolines at SkyZone
  • Sleeping until nearly lunchtime
  • Enjoying unlimited screen time (my kids consume screen time like a python eats: rarely but with an unbelievable capacity to over-indulge to the point of becoming comatose)

Honestly, the only way this vacation could have been better for my little darlings is if we had rented out Disney World, filled it with puppies, and infused sugar directly into their veins.

puppy disney

But like all great parties, this one had to come to an end.

Sadly, the aforementioned snowstorm was significant enough to require every bit of winter gear that would later cover each radiator on the first floor and drip salty discharge all over my front hall.  Even more sadly, it was not quite significant enough to close school.

Despite heartfelt bedtime prayers for a snow day, the cancellation call never came.  God must like the children outside our school district better, because they all got one more day to sleep in.  Perhaps He looked down at my kids and thought, “Those little brats will just sit around, eat sugar, and fight over the iPad.  To school with them!”

And who am I to argue?  Perhaps God was answering the even more heartfelt prayers of parents everywhere, who desperately need a little peace and quiet and to finally get some work done.


After all, if the kids had stayed home today, I wouldn’t be sitting down with a nice mug of peppermint tea, writing this blog.  I would have had to shush them when I answered the phone just now, so I could hear the recorded message from our school superintendent.

Schools are closed tomorrow.


Let the wild rumpus re-start!  What shall we do? Charge up the iPad, bake some cookies, and turn off the alarm clocks?  Stay up late to watch Alabama play Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl?  The possibilities are endless and my kids are about to become even more spoiled.

Until the next re-entry on Monday morning.

Maybe I should make them clean out that hall closet.